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Company news

Business breakfast on the topic of International business image

After today’s business breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Koper, where two representatives of the company attended, the participants in the meeting touched on the contents related to the management of risks in the supply chains, which is very important for successful International business. In some interactive communications with experts, mag. Marko Djinović and dr. Andrej Freidl, from the field of law and other participants, opened several topics from business practice in the field of various contracts, insurance, and freight forwarding, followed by talks on the dates of delivery, the consequences of their violations and the limits of liability that the borrower accepted. With this kind of participation, employees in the company are trained to acquire new ...

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Aquaculture: Testing Period Conclusion image

After a three-month testing period in a local Aquaculture farm, Toring Turbine can proudly present a series of nearly amazing results of TT200 aeration system. The use of just one unit in a pond with 2700 m3 and 10 000 kg of fish resulted in an elevation of oxygen concentration by approximately 2 mg/L. As the results are so outstanding, we are already being approached by interested clients from Aquaculture.

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ITM: International Sales Training image

A representative of the company Toring Turbine attended the seventh set of lectures as part of the “International Trade Management – ITM” education program. Jos Velthius, an experienced lecturer and sales expert, put an emphasis on the importance of a psychological approach within the sales closing procedure. By amplifying positive emotions is possible to achieve mutual trust and respect between the client and the company, which is the essence of business cooperation.

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Final preparation for Oxygen testing image

In the next development phase of the “Ozonation System”, the Toring Turbine team is going to execute tests with Oxygen. We are currently performing an extensive research of Oxygen characteristics, for this gas is highly reactive and therefore hazardous. The acquired information will help us determine the most appropriate materials and procedures, where the main focus is on safety.

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Night-time levels of dissolved Oxygen in Aquaculture image

During the three-month testing period in a local Aquaculture farm, the Toring Turbine team performed both day-time and night-time measurements of dissolved Oxygen levels. The night Oxygen values are the most relevant, for the photosynthetic activity is absent during the night. The nightly measurement was therefore executed between 4 and 5 AM, just before the sunrise. The results show that the use of one ToringTurbine aerator TT200 is enough to maintain the night-time dissolved Oxygen concentration level above 5 mg / L, which is more than satisfactory.  

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