Toring Turbine ® The Self Aspirating Water & Wastewater Aeration System

Alfred ZajićToring Turbine ® is part of a new generation of so-called Self Aspirating Aerators. Following many years of research we managed to build a “Self Aspirating Aerator” with no moving parts internally, thus obtaining a great advantage in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. Fine bubble aeration is an efficient way to transfer oxygen to a water body. The TT200 outperforms self aspirating aerators on the market today.
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Benefits of water aeration

- For Drinking water treatment
- Eliminate Stress to Fish & Aquatic Organisms (Fishkills)
- Reduce Algal Blooms
- Increase Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations
- Diminishes Noxious Odors
- Improves Livestock & Fish health
- Increase Water Clarity
- Reduce Mosquito populations
- Improve the Quality of Fisheries
- Prevents freezing
- TT200 with suction system can add gas to liquid (industry)
- TT200 is the only for aeration more than 3 meters

Water and wastewater aeration

Aeration of liquids is a widespread technology for secondary treatment of waste water treatment plants, ie the biological decomposition of organic content, since it performs two functions: the air is transferred to the swimming pool for the purposes of biological oxidative reactions provide the mixing required for dispersion of air and reception reactants (oxygen, wastewater and microbes).
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With no internal moving parts, this device is completely reliable and maintenance free. No need to worry about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled. The Toring Turbine is completely self-cleaning.